We choose products of highest quality
from our trusted suppliers

By caring about the environment we also care about the quality of our products. We only cooperate with verified and reliable suppliers from Poland, and therefore our products are made from carefully selected resources. In order to maintain the high quality which has earned us the trust of our clients, we increase quality demands towards ourselves, as well as towards our suppliers. In order to be certain of the purity of resources, we consistently send them to independent laboratories for tests and monitor any possible impurities.

Chips & Snacks products comply with all legal requirements related to the food industry and are completely safe for our clients. They are GMO free!

Step by step

We specialise in the production of potato pellet whose major ingredients include potato flour and flakes

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In harmony with nature

We are consistently implementing a policy of sustainable development. We are facing up to all the challenges brought on by ecology, ethics, social education and environmental protection.

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